Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trend-Tex Challenge 2014 - Modern Ways

When I saw these fabrics I knew right away I wanted to make a mid-century modern album cover. My inspiration was Saul Bass, a mid -century graphic artist, who built the bridge from Modern Art to popular culture, his iconic images include movie posters such as Psycho and Vertigo, and logos such as AT&T and United Way. His title sequence for North by Northwest is the main influence for the title sequence of Mad Men.

My quilt is influenced mainly by the poster for the movie, The Man with the Golden Arm but with a touch of “Vertigo”.

Tilting the square gave it a Vertigo feel...

I called it Vertigo: A Tribute to Saul Bass

I used only the fabrics in the challenge for this entry...however I was not done yet. I used a lot of white but not much of the others. I needed to make another.... first I took an old t-shirt of mine

and basically pieced a liberated log cabin...

 This when I thought it needed more black....

and I still needed to add the print... in the challenge you are allowed to add up to 3 additional fabrics, the t-shirt and the black are my add-ons. 

I asked my friend Jill Buckley to machine quilt it for me and we entered it as Take Two. Two friends working on the 2nd creation.

They hung side by side at the CQA show at Brock University.

But wait there is more! still had fabric left over!

I call this one Come on, Get Happy! still not quilted but I am finally done with that fabric. I can move on now.


Saturday, July 05, 2014

Orange Crush!

It's been awhile since I posted, I seem to be missing my quilting mojo! But this usually happens at this time of year, my sewing room is too hot in the summer and there is a lot of gardening to do instead and one trip to Calgary in between.

Still I have made some progress on a few things....Orange Crush (working title only, in honour of the Netherlands in the world cup), final design, 14x16 = 224 squares:

 I have sewed all my squares into strips....this is the tricky part, you do not want them to get mixed up.

I numbered each row with an arrow to tell me which direction to press the seams.

I would stack my squares and sew one pair together and do a leaders and enders project (1.5 inch random squares) in between, which worked out fine until I ran out of squares!

near the end I tried to chain piece two strips at a time, but soon it went wonky and had to do some seam ripping to finish.
All the strips are done, do not have photo as wind blew them off the wall and I have not put them back up, good thing they are numbered!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

This year's guild banquet was at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. We had our dinner in the Miller Barn.

It was a beautiful, rustic setting but the benches were uncomfortable!  But the highlight of the evening, for me, was going to be viewing the infamous collection of antique quilts that the village stores, but rarely puts out for display.

First we walked to the Jury homestead where a few quilts were on display in the rooms.

Then we headed to their processing center, where they catalogue and store their artifacts.

This is how they are stored on racks, rolled on acid free rods and covered with white sheets. They draped about 8 of them for display with a few smaller items on the table.

 my favourite was this red and white signature quilt....each signature hand embroidered!

a very interesting crazy quilt:

hand-pieced hexagon quilt, circa 1930-40's

the quilter cut her hexagons from the city directory

a top, never quilted, so many 1 inch squares!

a collection is never complete without a log cabin quilt!

 a well-worn quilt!

It was truly wonderful to see these old quilts, I wish we could have seen more, but obviously many are so fragile, but still a tragedy that they are hidden away. Our guide says she thinks it will take 5 years to finish cataloguing them...I think they do not have enough staff or volunteers... it would be nice if we cannot see them that they take some professional photos and produce a book, postcards or a calendar of these awesome treasures....I guess we will have to wait and see.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

50th Anniversary quilt

I wanted to make a quilt for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, but it was really tough trying to figure out what to do, until I spotted this fabric at Hyggeligt. This fabric has the accent colours of my parents' bedroom, I thought "perfect!" but it had to pass the mom test first so I showed it to her and she approved :). But what to do with mom loves whites and neutrals and does not do wonky or liberated... total opposite of me :P I came up with a general design with baskets and showed it to her.

She made suggestions, she was very specific: 5 baskets in a diamond shape and the rest off-white.

I thought it was a little plain but with the right machine quilting it could be amazing! Unfortunately I could not get it done in time for their anniversary as I ran out of the off white fabric and so did the store so I had to wait for a I gave this postcard as a substitute gift along with some nice brandy...

meanwhile the fabric finally came in and I finished the top, yay! I added on a little border.

but now my mom says it's too plain! it needs some applique in the corners.....d'oh! maybe I will get this done before their 51st anniversary! lol!